Low Back Pain Facts


Low back pain is a common ailment which most people (80-85%) suffer with it at some time in their lives. The causes of low back pain are poorly understood and can range from trauma, poor lifting and overuse/underuse of the muscles. 85% of the time the pain is mechanical coming from either the muscles, joints or ligaments. Fortunately, it is rare for the pain to be caused by a serious medical problem and such causes can be ruled out by a thorough history and examination from your health care provider.

When should I see a doctor?

Often low back pain episodes will get better on there own as nature takes its course. It’s important to stay as active as possible as the old adage of bed rest and trying to completely avoid pain is not the best advice. Most people do just fine by staying active, coping the best they can, and modifying daily activities as to not re-agitate the tender tissues.