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Dr. David Rudnick

Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Awesome guy..down to earth...treated my heel pain which lasted for years in just few days. I wish I was there earlier. Very friendly and tries to understand the cause of the issue."
    Naveen K.
  • "Dr. Rudnick is the best! Our whole family relies on his expertise and commitment to his patients."
    Michelle A.
  • "Dr. Rudnick is awesome! Both pre and post surgical treatment has been great.  Dr. Rudnick is both approachable and knowledgeable. He takes the time to answer my questions and explains it in a way that I understand. He is never too busy to address my concerns. I would not hesitate choosing Dr. Rudnick for therapy and highly recommend  him and his staff."
    Shelley F.
  • "Dr. Rudnick is a amazing!"
    Caitlin S.
  • "For many years i have been searching for a place like this for my old and current back issues! Lots of energy in this place corresponding with a need to be involved with the process of getting better, lots if different methods used that are mindblowing! I could not be happier."
    Rich H.
  • "He is amazing-!!    Hadn't scheduled in over a year-- knew he was the person to see for a new nagging shoulder problem.   He is thorough in his diagnosis and provided the instruction for a customized set of Physical Therapy exercises to address the problem.  He treated many sports related injuries over the years-- so pleased to have this amazing professional here in South Florida!   THANK YOU DR. RUDNICK!!"
    Bonnie R.
  • "Great experience with Dr. Rudnick. On my first visit I could barely walk. He treated my injury and in only a few short weeks it was like my injury never happened. He really cares and works on treatments and programs to get you better. Great guy!! Thank you Dr. Rudnick !!!!!"
    Mark D.
  • "I’ve relied on Dr Rudnick over the last 7 years for periodic back injuries up until recently where I told him after having received an hour orthopedic massage, combined with 3 days of therapy that his office was a place of HEALING!  He treats the root of the injury instead of the surface and has taught me through the years the importance of core strengthening and rehab excercises.  I went to him last year after my ACL surgery and with incredible care rehabbed me back to health within a short period of time.  Being in the orthopedic device and healthcare industry I can easily recommend Dr Rudnick for back and sports related injuries!"
    Emanuele C.


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